This story was first posted on an earlier version of this site on May 11th, 2015. It has been edited for readability and posted here for archival purposes.


Our first interview was with rapper/producer Caveman of C.M.E., a local Austin collective of hip hop artists and producers bootstrapping themselves up straight from the East Side of Austin. 


Interviewer: pyromakesmusic


Born and raised in the Texas capital, Caveman, otherwise known as Nico Hidrogo, is barely past 20 and already steadily pounding away at his ambitions. He took to the hip hop and graffiti scene at an early age, which is no surprise, as East Austin shares a lot of traits with the inner-city neighborhoods where early rap was born. He began performing as early as junior high, in school talent shows and freestyling with friends. He cites Kanye West as an early influence, and traces of the Chicago legend’s stylings are certainly audible in his debut mixtape, So Easy A Caveman Could Do It, released for free on SoundCloud earlier this year.







Buy Caveman’s new single, “Ghost,” on iTunes