This was originally posted on May 15, 2015 on an earlier version of this website. This is being crossposted for archival purposes.


This week’s interview comes from Jack Corcoran and Wayne Sisson of the emerging San Marcos band, Whoever & the People.


(Performance: “Guernica Bay,” off the upcoming “Sin, Repent, Repeat.”)

Reviewer: [P¥RO]


Having found early success in their college hometown with witty, off-beat lyrics and joyful, raucous choruses, this band is ready to take their craft to the next level.


Despite the challenges posed by an oft-changing lineup, technical struggles, and their bootstrapping themselves into the music industry with a self-produced first record (Schrödinger’s Cat: Day 9), the group has found a comfortable spot among the roster of local San Marcos artists. 


Besides the traditional lineup of drums, bass, vocals, guitar, Whoever & the People features a mishmash of different instruments, depending on the song, mood, and day of the week. You can expect to hear harmonica, various assorted drums, ukulele, and even trumpet gracing the creations of this up-and-coming Austin area band. Stay tuned for releases from their upcoming album, “Sin, Repent, Repeat.”